Projects and Concepts


MyProjectsandConceptsI have created 2 projects and 1 concept under my blog BELIEVE.

The difference between my project and my concept is simple :

A project has an aim : to elate your confidence and motivate you, and hence, would involve relatively realistic works so that you can BELIEVE in them by relating to them, and not just discard the work like many others that give false hope because they are based on non-viable situations and impractical ideals.

A concept is basically pure work of fiction. Because it is a concept of BELIEVE., no doubt, it still will stick to the ideals BELIEVE. focuses on; My concepts will never cease to motivate you. But, having said that, I will not let the ideals restrict the flow of my pen while making drafts for a concept. Thus, precisely, my concepts will be inspirational and motivational stories full of hope, willpower, fearlessness, and true strength overcoming all the negativity and cowardice, which could possibly be an eyesore to a section of readers and could invite expected disapproval. Hence my friend, I clearly state this beforehand, my concepts are pure fictional works, with overwhelming positivity, and yes, all characters are a fictional manifestation of my mind, not resembling or based on any person living or dead. Also, they are long-textual formats.

Henceforth, the following is a short list of my ventures:


  1. Evince – 26th March, 2016 onwards
  2. Spicilege – 27th March, 2016 onwards


  1. le rêveur – to be announced
  2. (to be announced and launched soon)

So now I leave it to the reader to choose what they would like to read!

Hope my works fare well enough to be worth your time! 🙂

Have a great day.

Stay happy.