Why a period after Believe? Why use ‘What’ instead of ‘who you are’?

Well yes, someone might criticize me in the first place for that, but that itself my friend, is where you start connecting with my blog, and hence with me. And yes, I am an amateur in the field of blogging, but not new to writing, reading and playing with words.

So firstly, I am grateful to you that you took interest in my blog, and secondly, Welcome mate! Stay tuned to my blog, BELIEVE. to see how even words can give you wings, – to soar, fly, start a journey or just realize what’s around you. So sit back and enjoy the ride! 🙂

Oh! As for the Title – I comprehend the word Believe as a whole sentence in itself. Just that one word is enough to speak volumes to the one who’s reading it. Thus, I think just the word would suffice instead of a whole paragraph, and the period depicts the true strength of the word.

And having said that, my blog focuses on fiction and non-fiction helping you to elate your self-belief (and belief in others too!). Hence, I ask you to believe in WHAT you are – what you’ve made out of your being, what implications your acts have had on you and the people around, your mettle, your life, the character you’ve built for yourself; And not WHO you are – which would generally imply to your identity or a shallow and weak connection with the soul(or other entities of the kind).

With that my friend, I leave you with two quotes from my favorite superheroes (yes, don’t judge me, I’m a big fan) from Marvel and DC Comics, which are imprinted on my mind and drive my will to think and act, and never stay passive.

Quoting Iron Man from Marvel Comics:

“Sometimes you gotta run before you can walk”

Quoting Batman (inspired from what his love interest told him) from DC Comics:

“It’s not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you”

Explains the ‘What you are’ thing quite well, huh? :p

Stay tuned. See you soon.


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